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With over 35 years experience, I offer my knowledge and expertise of food and the food industry to organisations and individuals who are looking to improve the health and well being of themselves, their families, their communities or their customers through an online one to one video consultation service. 


I will guide you through all the steps needed to give you the confidence in cooking by yourself.



Introduction text based experience, we send you recipes based on what we think you would like after consulting with you.


We will even give you the correct spices and herbs needed as a 

thank you. 

Online Tutorial 


We video call you and help guide you through the cooking process step by step.


One to one video call consultation classes while you cook.

One to One


Organise a date and we will come to you and show you face to face how to make and prepare a meal.


Personal consultation experience to your door.

We offer a wide range of services to help & inspire all ages to eat good food!   

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